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DLE Engines

DLE-30: $319.00
DLE-30 rear carb conversion kit $30.00
DLE Engines
In the last 3+ years many new engines have been arriving from Chinese manufacturers. Some have been good, some not so good. At Wild Hare we have tried to pick through the wide variety of engines available to find a supplier who is reliable and who builds a quality and consistent product.

DLE engines is now our preferred engine supplier. They make 3 excellent engines; a 30cc single, a 55cc single and a 111cc twin. Each of these engines is competitively priced and provides good power and stable reliable performance. Weights quoted do not include ignition or muffler(s) which are included with each engine.

The DLE-30 is suitable for our baby series of aerobatic plane, the baby Edge and baby Extra 260. We have flight tested this engine extensively on a baby Edge and can find no flaw in the performance. It starts easy, has excellent power, is smooth, and is trouble free. Weight is about 2.1 lbs. Use 18-8 to 20-6 prop. 19-8 recommended. THE DLE-30 is now available as either side carb or rear carb, and we have conversion kits to change the older side carb engines to rear carb.

The DLE-55 is the ideal engine for any of our 50cc class planes. It has the best power in its class, is easy to set up, smooth and reliable. Weight is about 3 pounds. Use 22-8 to 24-10 prop. 23-8 recommended.

The DLE-111 is the power “king” in the 100cc class. It is an excellent value for any of our larger planes. Weight is about 6 lbs. Use 26-10 to 28-8 prop. 27-10 recommended.

All DLE engines come with a 1 year mechanical warranty. Wild Hare is an authorized factory dealer, we can provide sales and service of all types.

DLE engines are equipped with Rcexl ignitions. Wild Hare is also a dealer for Rcexl. Our warranty plan for the ignition is slightly different from other vendors, please read it. Ignitions are often subject to abuse and mishandling and they cannot be repaired. It is impossible for us to verify whether a failure is caused by factory defect or by use abuse or mishandling, so we have tried to simplify the warranty process so that everyone’s problem is handle expeditiously.

For engines and ignitions that are purchased from Wild Hare, we will fully warranty the ignition which is supplied with the engine for 90 days, as long as the ignition has not been damaged in any way. After the first 90 days, or in case of damage, we will provide an exchange ignition unit for 50% of our normal retail price on that ignition, regardless of the condition of the ignition unit. This warranty is good for 3 years from the date of purchase.