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58 oz
3 ball & 2 needle
Wild Hare is happy to be able to provide this excellent quality lower cost engine for 50cc size airplanes. The TOC-53 is a 53cc engine designed specifically for high performance aircraft. Its design reflects the need for high power, durability, and reliability with smooth trouble free operation flight after flight.

The TOC-53 is specifically designed to R/C aircraft use and uses a 3 ball bearing crankshaft which makes this engine the smoothest in its class. This pays back in reliability and increased life of your airframe. The TOC-53 without a muffler weighs a mere 8 ounces more than an equivalent DA-50. When one adds mufflers to the two engines (DA-50 and TOC-53) which have equivalent sound output the weight difference reduces to just a few ounces.

Technical Note

We are now recommending that the TOC-53 ignition be powered by either a 4.8 volt battery pack or a single Li-Ion or Li-poly cell. This has been tested and it works fine. The higher voltage of a 6 volt pack or dual-lithium pack can damage the earlier model ignitions and they just add weight.

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The key to power in an engine is good breathing. The TOC-53 excels here with its 2 petal reed valve induction and the 4 bypass ports plus 2 boost ports in the cylinder. A reed valve engine has the advantage of automatically changing the induction timing to match power requirements, which usually results in a better, smoother idle without loss of top end power compared to a piston port or rotary valve engine.

To get even greater output Wild Hare has developed a V-block reed valve kit that is available as a replacement or can be supplied installed on teh engine. This kit raises normal power output by at least 200 rpm, and at the same time improves the already excellent handling of the engine.

No engine is complete without a variety of exhaust options. The standard TOC-53 is shipped with an excellent lightweight TIG welded muffler. This muffler is moderate sound and is known to fit in almost any available 50cc airplane's cowl without any cutting. IN addition Wild Hare sells a nice wraparound Pitts muffler that is made by Bisson mufflers, and we have an excellent quality canister header and canister kit that also adds some power and keeps the engine whisper quiet.

Strong castings with integrated mounting lugs eliminate the need for standoffs in most installations. A 6 bolt prop hub matches the 3W/DA-100 bolt pattern so props will interchange and you can use a commonly available drill jig. The real Walbro carb comes with a phenolic arm that can actually be used with your throttle servo, and the deluxe version has an upgraded aluminum arm installed for use with a choke servo. The engine uses the CM-6 spark plug and comes with a CDI ignition with automatic electronic timing control that really works.

Power output is what you really want. We put the TOC-53 next to a DA-50 and ran both, checking static (sitting still, not moving) RPM. They were within 100 RPM, with the TOC-53 registering 6800 RPM on our Bunny 22-8 prop. and spins the same prop a bit over 7000 rpm with the hop up kit. As a benchmark comparison the TOC-53 in standard form turns a Vess 22-A approximately 7000-7100 rpm and with the hop-up kit installed will turn this prop at 7350 rpm. These are excellent numbers, superior to most other 50cc class engines..

The TOC-53 is available now in 3 versions. The basic version is as supplied by the manufacturer, the upgraded choke servo arm is not installed or included. The premium version is shipped with the choke arm installed. The arm alone can be purchased for $10 for user installation. The hop-up version incldes the hop-up kit installed plus the deluxe choke arm.

The price is $399 basic, $429 premium or $449 premium with the hop-up kit.

The price includes the muffler, spark plug, CDI ignition, and a 1 year factory warranty enhanced by support through Wild Hare.

Out of warranty ignition swap out is $40 for customers who purchased their engine from Wild Hare..